Q:    "Frequently Asked" Question? what? This site has just been published!
A:    Ssst!

Q:    Is anyone of you a relative of Ron Gilbert?
A:    No, but Gnupick once crossed the Master at the airport and there it was an epicity transfert.

Now, with the serious FAQs... (don't count on it)

Q:    When will SOTE be released?
A:    Nice question.

Q:    Which operating system will SOTE run on?
A:    It will work on Win9x/Me/2000/XP, and at 99% on Linux systems.

Q:    Will SOTE be big?
A:    Gargantuan.

Q:    Can I join the SOTE production team?
A:    No, our team is already formed. But if you wanna sponsor us... Seriously, if you're an advanced pixel artist and/or Poser user with Star Wars knowledge, ready to pass many nights animating sprites, contact us to talk about an eventual joining.

Q:    Where does the name "d.e.m.i.u.r.g.i.c", used for the dialogues management system, come from?
A:    We just stubbornly wanted to put an acronym in the game using the word "demiurge" or "demiurgic".

Q:    Your adventure isn't worth anything, it's not an original story, only an adaptation of a preexisting one!
A:    That's not completely true: Parts I and II, for example, are the result of our imagination and tell —often ironically— events not even told in the vast storyline of SOTE, as the construction of Luke's lightsaber or the long adventures to reach Mos Eisley. Vice versa, the novel and the comic of SOTE feature many actions scenes that, for obvious reasons, will have a limited screen time in the adventure. We see it as another tessera in the mosaic of a story already shared by the novel, the comic and the old action game, each one focusing on specific parts of the whole story.
And even if it would have been a mere adaptation of a preexisting story, without any original contribution (that it isn't)... doesn't it exist an Academy Award for the best adapted screenplay? The art of adapting stories —especially for very different mediums— it's not something to disregard.

Q:    The SOTE develoment proceeds slowly - why?
A:    We all waste time searching for chicks. If you're a babe and wanna help the SOTE development, contact us.

Q:    Does Boba Fonts do something in his everyday life, except dealing with Star Wars?
A:    Sure, he deals with graphic adventures *about* Star Wars.

Q:    What the hell is Dusk programming when there's AGS doing everything for him?
A:    Well, he... uhm, he... he is just epic.

Q:    Don't you feel shame on you, while, as old as you are, you keep on following games and Star Wars stuff?
A:    How appropriate, you fight like a cow.

Q:    Don't you fear LucasArts will kick your ass?
A:    Didn't you notice our flattering disclaimer?